9-20-10 - 9-20-10Parson’s pattern variables (to evaluate...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-20-10Parson’s pattern variables (to evaluate the degree of modernization)-Particularism ----- Universalism -Diffuseness------ Specificity-Collectivitiy orientation ------ Self orientation Whether decisions should be made through the whole community or through themselves.-Affectivitiy------- Affective neutralityWheteher or not your supposed to get involved with others.-Ascription -------- Achievement40’s and 50’s Davison moore and kingsley DavisFunctionalist stratification paperAll social systems need stratificationIt functions to ensure that important positions are filledRewards include money and prestige and are based on the position’s functional importance to society. Certain positions are more important to a society’s survival than others and they require special skillsOnly limited numbers of people have the ability to perform well in these positionsThe positions require extensive training and educationMore valuable positions are less “fun” and more difficult compared to positions lower in...
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9-20-10 - 9-20-10Parson’s pattern variables (to evaluate...

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