MIE TEST 2 - MIE Test 2 1 As discussed in class the process...

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MIE Test 2 1. As discussed in class, the process of formulating plans to fill the firm’s future openings is: A. Workforce planning B. Organization restructuring C. Self-Direct teams D. Corporate downsizing 2. The BARS appraisal method involves setting the standards and raising the bar periodically. A-True B-False 3. This technique is used when verifying that there is a significant performance deficiency and when determining if that should be rectified through training or by some other means (such as changing the machinery of transferring the employee). A. Performance analysis B. Task analysis C. Motivation analysis D. Training analysis 4. A technique for determining the training needs of employees new to their jobs is: A. Performance analysis B. Personnel analysis C. Task analysis D. Observations 5. Performance appraisal requires feedback sessions in which performance and progress are discussed and plans are made for development that is required. A. True B. False 6. An objective of “doing a better job of training” is a measureable objective. A. True B. False 7. Performance appraisals can be a useful part of career planning. A. True B. False
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8. As discussed in class, one reason selecting the right employees is important is: A. To ensure that the employee is properly trained. B.
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MIE TEST 2 - MIE Test 2 1 As discussed in class the process...

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