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HRNotesFINALEXAM - FINAL EXAM outline 1 1-a 2 Constructive...

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FINAL EXAM outline 1. 1-a 2. Constructive Discharge -work environment is so bad that the person must leave. 3. HR Planning, recruitment and Selection- Forecasting needs and get people to help. 1: do workforce planning and forecasting to determine the positions to be filled. 2 build a pool of candidates for these jobs by recruiting internal and external candidates. 3 have the applicants fill out application forms and perhaps undergo an initial screening interview. 4 utilize various selection techniques such as tests, background investigations, and physical exams to identify viable job candidates. 5 send one or more viable job candidates to the supervisor responsible for the job. 6 have the candidates go through one or more selection interviews with the supervisor and other relevant parties for the purpose of finally determining to which candidates an offer be made. 4. Know the importance of the Job analysis process a. Determine proper compensation scale b. Determine duties of each jobs c. Characteristics of people who should be hired for them. 5. Job description, specification Description-What the job entails Specification- what kind of people to hire 6. Characteristics of good human resource planning Responsibilities- placing the right person on the job, Starting new employees in organization
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