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essay stuff - was true or that it existed but there are a...

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"...it would be easier for me to concede matter and extension to the soul, than the capacity of moving a body and of being moved, to an immaterial being. For, if the first occurred through `information', the spirits that perform the movement would have to be intelligent, which you accord to nothing corporeal. And although in your metaphysical meditations you show the possibility of the second, it is, however, very difficult to comprehend that a soul, as you have described it, after having had the faculty and habit of reasoning well, can lose all of it on account of some vapors .... " It seems like Elizabeth was seeking a definitive explanation of a concept to determine if it
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Unformatted text preview: was true or that it existed, but there are a lot of things today that cannot be fully explained, yet we know is real. Descartes explained it as best he could, but the very notion of him trying to explain it proves it’s existence. For example, it’s very hard to explain thinking, but by just trying to explain it we prove it’s existence. I think there are unknown properties in the soul that might suffice to reverse what your metaphysical meditations, with such good reasons, persuaded me concerning her inextension....
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