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Unformatted text preview: Mastering the Internet, XHTML, and JavaScript Chapter 17 HTML Editors Outline Goals and Objectives Chapter Headlines Introduction Editor's Tasks Overview of Editors Formatting Text Creating Hyperlinks Inserting Images Creating Tables Creating Forms and Frames Summary Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 2 Goals and Objectives Goals Understand HTML editors, their benefits, their use in developing web sites and pages, the tasks they support, and how to use them effectively to increase productivity Objectives Why do we need HTML editors Difference between editors and translators Editors tasks WYSIWYG editors How editors work Sample editors FrontPage editor Hands-on Examples Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 3 Chapter Headlines 17.1 Introduction Learn how to speed up web page development 17.2 Editor's Tasks Generate XHTML code automatically 17.3 Overview of Editors Learn about WYSIWYG editors 17.4 Formatting Text Formatting is the same as in word processors 17.5 Creating Hyperlinks You already know how to do this 17.6 Inserting Images Follow the editor's menu 17.7 Creating Tables Learn how editors create and use tables 17.8 Creating Forms and Frames Learn how editors create and use tables Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 4 Introduction Generate code manually for understanding and use automation tools for productivity An HTML editor is a tool that allows the author to choose the XHTML element to be created from the editor's icons The editor generates the XHTML code in the background HTML translators convert a text file into XHTML file HTML converter is the opposite of HTML translator Editors hide away the code from the author and allow them to focus on layout and design Editor generated code is more complex and cumbersome than manually written code Editors act as automation tools for code generation Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 5 The list of editor tasks is: Editors Tasks Design and Write web pages Upload and download pages Save code for reuse Provide code components Provide e-mail links Provide time and date stamp Use directory structure Provide help function Provide spelling checking Highlight HTML errors Support undo and redo functions Search for words and strings Perform concurrent page development Import code files Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 6 Overview of Editors Editors are classified into 3 groups: What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Examples: MicroSoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver XHTML Tag Editors Hybrid or Semi-WYSIWYG Examples: AceHTML editor Editors have a general structure for user interface Any editor provides 3 basic tools Word processing functions XHTML menus and tags General purpose menus such as File, Edit, View, Help Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 7 Any HTML editor uses the same XHTML concepts Overview of Editors Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 8 Overview of Editors Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 9 Overview of Editors Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 10 HTML editors allow text and paragraph formatting like word processors Formatting Text Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 11 Creating Hyperlinks Authors can test and validate hyperlinks using editors Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 12 Inserting Images Editors support creating images and image maps Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 13 Creating Tables Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 14 Creating Forms and Frames Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 15 Summary You can write the XHTML code manually or use an HTML Editor Editor performs many tasks for fast web page creation There are many HTML editors in existence HTML editors allow you to format text HTML editors allow you to create hyperlinks HTML editors allow you to insert images HTML editors allow you to create tables HTML editors allow you to create forms and frames Chapter 17 - HTML Editors 16 ...
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