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4 universal cgi scripts write a program once and use

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Unformatted text preview: and use it in any web page 18.5 Web Servers Learn the different types of web servers 18.6 Apache Servers It is time to run your own HTTP server 18.7 Tomcat Server Interested in Java servlets, JSPs; Tomcat is ready to serve Chapter 18 - Server-side Scripting 4 Introduction CGI facilitates the communication between client and server The server hosts the website and web pages CGI scripts send back web pages, files, MIME documents It incorporates interactivity to web pages CGI script is a computer program to process data and input of an interactive element in a web page The three main functions are: Parse and decode the name/value pairs and extract the data Make a decision based on the data Send back a response to the surfer based on its data processing CGI script can be written in any programming language Chapter 18 - Server-side Scripting 5 Introduction Chapter 18 - Server-side Scripting 6 There are three types of Client/Server architectures: Single tier Two tier Three tier Client/Server Architecture They all access a database on the server using CGI script In a single tier model, database and application reside on the same computer In a two tier model, database resides on the server and the application resides on the client In a three tier model, a middle layer separates the database from the application Chapter 18 - Server-side Scripting 7 Client/Server Architecture Chapter 18 - Server-side Scripting 8 CGI scripts follow a certain structure, perform certain tas...
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