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Week 4 Assignment Role and Behaivor

Week 4 Assignment Role and Behaivor - maintaining a...

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Axia College Material Appendix B Roles and Behaviors Description of Company My company is a retail store called “Island Temptations” which caters to women of all size. A company that creates affordable, versatile pieces to compliment female figures. It will offer women’s fashion online and in certain locations in Hawaii, Samoa, and Guam. Island Temptations is a women’s retail store that will provide clothing and accessories at affordable prices. Roles and Behaviors Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs will be responsible for seeking new ways to expand our current line of new products and to improve our existing ones. My Entrepreneurs will be responsible for all research to ensure that we are offering the best quality and ensure we are offering the best price. Entrepreneurs will be responsible for accomplishing all goals given, their behavior must be enthusiastic and genuine. Managers Managers will be responsible to supervise, and train employees to perform in a professional manner while
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Unformatted text preview: maintaining a friendly attitude to fellow employees and consumers. Manager must ensure that all employees are working together to achieve all goals given. Managers behavior should be supportive, must have great communications and structure. Employees Employees will be responsible to perform their job to the best of the ability with minimal supervision. An employee’s behavior should be happy, cultivated, honest and a team player ensuring that the job gets done in a timely manner. What behaviors and attitudes should be cultivated in your organization? The type of behavior and attitudes that should be cultivated in my organization is the following. All employees weather they are Entrepreneurs; Manager; or Employees they must have good work ethics, hard workers, motivated, team player, willing to assist any fellow workers or consumer; and well-rounded in all areas. BUS 210...
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