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answer for app b - better supervised 3 I really don’t...

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1) The option that I feel is most effective within our prison system is front –end solutions and the reason why I say that is because with front-end solutions it gives a chance to work with people that are in the prison system so that they may be able to turn their lives around for the better. 2) The propose of privatization is that we can control the costs of what goes on in the prison system so by having this type of prison system it was that we could have some else run the prison to keep the cost down that the prison would better supervised.
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Unformatted text preview: better supervised. 3) I really don’t think that privatization could ever have the potential to eradicate the prison population only because it seem that these prison systems would become more like a business and they would end up spending more money for the prison system. 4) There are a lot of concerns that comes with the correctional systems some of the concerns is that are a lot of people that are a lot of people that come into the prisons who have major illness that they are suffering from when they entering the system....
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