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effects of stress - it could affect my health is that I...

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What steps of the general adaptation syndrome will I experience? some of the general adaptation that I would experience would be the feeling of being overwhelmed due the pressure of everything and then physical and emotional drained feel would start to kick because of trying to keep with the demands of work and then another adaptation that would kick would be the feeling of exhaustion, What emotional and cognitive effects might this stressor produce? Some of the emotional and cognitive effects that this type stress would be that I could end up becoming depressed severely or I would be unable to control many of my emotions at one time I could very happy or in the next minute I could be very mad or start to cry because of the stress being to much If this stress continues, how might it affect my health? If this type of stress continues the way that
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Unformatted text preview: it could affect my health is that I could end up with very high blood pressure which could lead into other health problems such as heart problems. Another why that stress could affect my health is that it could headaches on a regular bases or weight loss. How might I resolve this situation effectively to reduce my stress? How that I would be resolve this situation so that I could reduce my stress is that I find that thing are starting to over whelming just stop and do some deep breath excise and count to ten. Another thing that would work is taking a lot bath and listening to soothing music and drinking some herbal tea which can be very relaxing...
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