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Memorandum To: MGMT 250 Students From: Dr. Lambdin LL Date: 16:48:04 Re: Second self evaluation Please watch your first presentation again before watching the new one so that you can have a fresh comparison in mind. Write a memo to me noting changes, as well as your particular strengths and weaknesses. Open with a summary. Follow it with the bold heading Strengths and a bulleted list. Next would be the bold heading Weaknesses followed by a bulleted list. Finally include your concluding thoughts and the grade that you deserve for the performance that we saw. Have you improved significantly since the first presentation? Are you feeling more confident about your career choice, future, and ability to articulate your goals? Did you Say “um,” “uh,” “O.K.” or use another vocalized pause repeatedly? Slouch, lean on the podium, hit the mouse too hard, or rock? Read off the computer screen, projection screen, or note cards in an obvious way? Put your hands in your pockets, drum fingers on podium, scratch yourself, play with hair, or use odd,
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