Project - The presented material in this paper is as...

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The presented material in this paper is as follows: job analysis, human resources planning, recruitment and selection, appraising, improving, and developing performance of a computer software engineer. Training and development, incentives and employee benefits are some other material that will be presented in this paper. This paper will explain the process of job analysis and how employers analyze potential employees. This paper will also present an incentive plan for the position of a computer software engineer. These steps support the organization’s strategic plan from the stand-point total revenue. These steps help organizations selected the best employees fit for the job. This has an effect on all the way up the ladder from employee to manager. These steps are the foundation to a successful organization. The three ways I would recruit externally is unsolicited applications and resumes, executive search firms, and Internet recruiting. The reason I chose these three recruiting method externally is because first of all you have to be qualified. My job analysis is being done on Computer Software Engineers. So employee referrals and some other methods of recruiting simply will not be effective as these methods. It so much easier to make up your mind whether you think the applicant is qualified for the job when you are looking at his or her resume. I think this is a very important recruiting method because HR gets a chance to see work history as well as his or her qualifications. I think this would also be a way to eliminate many applicants who are just applying because they need a job. Again, for this position and individual has to be qualified and looking at the resumes will quickly distinguish the individual who are qualified and who
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are not. The way I would recruit for an internal job would be identifying talent through performance appraisals. I believe the advantages to this method is the fact the job will be going to someone who deserves it and who is exceeding expectations. Through performance appraisal we can see who is doing what and who deserves a chance for a promotion. The disadvantage to this method is everyone is not going to be pleased. There may be some cases where people are going to feel they are being treated unfairly. Here is a list of questions that would be ask to future employees. 1. If you knew about a coworker stealing from the organization, what
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Project - The presented material in this paper is as...

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