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1 FIN 360: CAPITAL MARKETS AND INSTITUTIONS National Economics University, Hanoi Vietnam Instructor: Ms Nguyen Thi Minh Hue, PhD Office: Banking and Finance Faculty Telephone: 0912346692 Email: I. Course Description, Prerequisite and Objectives A. Course Description Capital formation, rates, markets and institutions. Flow of fund analysis, intermediation, interest rate structures, risks and liquidity, management of financial institutions. B. Course Prerequisite FIN 300 Business Finance; Accounting C. Course Objectives The purpose of this course is to provide knowledge about financial system and to understand how financial institutions and markets affect, and are affected by, the economy and its major participants. The analytic framework concentrates on fundamental principles involving: money, the financial institutions that create and transfer money and other financial claims, and the financial markets in which various financial claims are traded. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of financial institutions and markets and to the major players and regulators who operate in and influence the world of finance. It looks at the major role that financial institutions and markets play in facilitating economic activity and financing transactions. It describes how the financial system has evolved under the influence of rising
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Syllabus_FIN360_K50 - 1 FIN 360: CAPITAL MARKETS AND...

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