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Group assignment2011 - educational level gender…-Describe...

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Group assignment Group Topíc Group 1 Organizational culture Group 2 Organizational culture Group 3 Employee motivation Group 4 Employee motivation Group 5 Employee motivation Group 6 Leadership Group 7 Leadership Group 8 Organizational Structure Group 9 Organizational Structure Group 10 Organizational Structure - Choose 1 company - Collect general information: o History of establishment o Main business activities o Vision, mission, objectives and strategy o Characteristics of human resources (number of employees by age,
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Unformatted text preview: educational level, gender…)-Describe structure/culture/method to motivate employees/leadership styles of the company (depend on the topic given above for your group)-Evaluate the effectiveness of structure/culture/motivation method/leadership styles (Appropriateness, effects of those to employee behavior)-Your suggestions to improve/change the current structure/culture/motivation method/leadership styles...
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  • Spring '11
  • ramiz
  • Period 5 element, Organizational structure Organizational, Leadership Leadership Organizational Structure Organizational Structure Organizational Structure, motivation Employee motivation

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