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National Economics University Advanced Bachelor Program HRM 360: ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Spring 2011 Syllabus I. GENERAL INFORMATION Instructor: Pham Thi Bich Ngoc, PhD. Faculty of Human Resources Management and Economics Email: [email protected] II. COURSE READING MATERIAL Robbins, R. P., 1998, Organizational Behavior, 8 th Edition, New Jersey, Prentice Hall. Journal articles III. COURSE INFORMATION 1. Course Description. This course will review the concepts, theories and research in organizational behavior in order to develop a comprehensive framework for understanding the performance of people in work settings. Learning will be occur at both the conceptual, theoretical and the applied level. Areas covered by the course include: organizational culture and structure, leadership, groups and teams, motivation, and individual psychological factors which affect behavior of employee at work. The course draws on the organizational experience of students and encourages the practical application of the material covered. 2. Course Objectives Upon the completion of this course, students should be able to: demonstrate an understanding of and ability to use or apply the key concepts and theories presented in the course. demonstrate an ability for diagnosing problems in organizational behavior and recommend appropriate solutions. identify various characteristics of their own personal style and practices and how these
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Syllabus_OB_2011 - National Economics University Advanced...

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