chp8 - 1. Which of the following is not a typical challenge...

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1. Which of the following is not a typical challenge that companies in emerging industries have to contend with and try to overcome? A) Mounting global competition and increasing vertical integration B) Many potential buyers expect first-generation products to be rapidly improved and delay their purchase until technology and product design mature C) How to induce first-time purchase and overcome customer concerns about product features, performance reliability, and conflicting claims of rival firms D) Low barriers to the entry of new firms E) A situation where there is no consensus about which of several competing technologies will win out and/or which product features will gain the most buyer favor 2. A high-velocity industry environment is characterized by A) rapid entry and exit of participating firms (there's an unusually high competitor turnover rate compared to other industries). B) the need for industry members to change to radically different strategies several times a year (company strategies have a very short life). C) the rapid appearance and disappearance of industry driving forces, such that the industry is in constant turmoil. D) rapid-fire technological change, short product life-cycles, frequent launches of fresh competitive moves by industry members, and quickly evolving customer requirements and expectations. E) rapid and sizable shifts in the industry's experience curve that make it difficult for industry members to accurately predict future costs. 3. The types of strategic moves and initiatives that seem to offer the best payoff in turbulent, high velocity markets include A) being clever at being a fast follower, doing a better job than rivals in anticipating and planning for change, and striving for a low-cost edge over rivals. B)
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chp8 - 1. Which of the following is not a typical challenge...

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