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Unformatted text preview: Bus520:Chapter16 Class Discussion: Case “Wegmans.” Students will respond to the following: • Discuss how the Wegmans is able to sustain its culture. Wegmans is able to sustain its culture by keeping the company running by family members and hiring responsible workers. This company offer great incentives to the employees who work for them such as profit sharing and medical insurance, both which were paid by the company. They also offer scholarships to their full-time and part-time employees. Wegmans maintain their culture by bringing in different managers and employees from different locations to train new employees how the store should be operated, and if they feel that the store is not ready to open, they will not open it. • Discuss the possible threats to being able to sustain the culture. The possible threats could be up and coming competitors or even current competitors. Wegmans must instill the principles on which the company was build on, on each on one of its employees...
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