chap1JMCquiz - Macroeconomics chapter 1 quiz

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CHAPTER 1 JMC QUIZ Total number of questions: 25 Question 1: Movies are similar to stage plays since they generally provide the viewer with a single uninterrupted wide-angle view of onscreen action. Correct answer: b) False Question 2: The alternative approaches to analysis discussed in this chapter tend to analyze films as _____________ while considering the influence of ____________ on the movies. Correct answer: a) cultural artifacts; popular culture Question 3: The protagonist in Juno displays traits we often associate with _________, who by the end of the film____________ the institution she scorns. Correct answer: a) a rogue hero; upholds Question 4: This chapter’s analysis of the waiting-room sequence in Juno describes Juno turning her head in search of the source of a particular sound. At this moment, the camera adjusts to reveal a mother drumming her fingernails on a clipboard. This shot is an example of _______________. Correct answer: b) point of view Question 5: Which of the following statements about explicit meaning is NOT true? Correct answer: d) Interpreting a film’s message or “point” will reveal its explicit meaning. Question 6: What is implicit meaning ? Correct answer: c) meaning that lies below the surface of a movie’s story and presentation Question 7: In most commercial films, certain viewer expectations are generally met. Which of the
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chap1JMCquiz - Macroeconomics chapter 1 quiz

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