Assignment#1 - Assignment#1"How Personal Can Ethics...

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Assignment #1 – “How Personal Can Ethics Get?” (Integrated cases at the end of the textbook). Students will read the case and write a 4-5 page report that answers the following: 1. Discuss how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics. 2. Discuss how organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics. 3. Discuss the ethical dilemmas that Valerie is facing. 4. Recommend what Valerie should do. Provide a detailed explanation. The format of the report is to be as follows: o Typed, double spaced, Times New Roman font (size 12), one inch margins on all sides, APA format. o Type the question followed by your answer to the question. o In addition to the 4-5 pages required, a title page is to be included. The title page is to contain the title of the assignment, your name, the instructor’s name, the course title, and the date. NOTE: You will be graded on the quality of your answers, the logic/organization of the report, your language skills, and your writing skills. The assignment will be graded using the following rubric: Outcomes  Assessed €€€€€ Examine the process by which ethical decisions are made within organizations. €€€€€ Use technology and information resources to research issues in organizational  behavior and leadership. Grading Rubric for Assignment #1- “How Personal Can Ethics Get?” Criteria 0 Unacceptable 20 Developing 30 Competent 40 Exemplary 1.       Discuss how  personal  differences and  preference can 
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Assignment#1 - Assignment#1"How Personal Can Ethics...

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