Chem&241E#1W11 (1)

Chem&241E#1W11 (1) - Chem& 241 Exam #1 Winter...

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Exam #1 Winter 2011 Name_________________________ 100 points possible If you don’t understand a part of a question, please ask. Any changes to the exam will written on the board. Each question is 5 points unless noted. 1. Name the following 2. Draw a correct Lewis structure for boric acid, B(OH) 3 . c. Which of the following species has an atom that has an unfilled valence shell of electrons? a. molecular hydrogen, H 2 b. hydroxide anion, HO - c. boron trifluoride, BF 3 d. water, H 2 O 4. Which of the following best represents an orbital which contains the lone pair of electrons in ammonia? 1 2 4 3 5. Which of the following has the highest pKa? a) HI b) NH 3 c) HNO 3 d) CH 3 COOH e) H 2 SO 4
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6. All steroids are derivatives of the ring system shown. How many tertiary carbons are in this ring system? 7. Draw the important resonance forms for the structure shown below. h. Order the following resonance structures from the least important contributor(s) to the resonance hybrid of the acetate anion, CH
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Chem&241E#1W11 (1) - Chem& 241 Exam #1 Winter...

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