Chem&242Spring2011(1) - Organic Chemistry II...

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Organic Chemistry II Spring 2011 Linda Kuehnert, Office: 2821 Voice mail: (206) 546-4575 Goals: Our goal in Chem& 242 is to challenge you to develop a fundamental understanding of structure, nomenclature, reactions and synthesis of the main groups of organic compounds. This is the second quarter of the yearlong Organic Chemistry sequence intended for science majors. Prerequisite: 2.0 grade point in Chem&241/271 and ENG 101. Text: Vollhardt & Shore; “Organic Chemistry” 5 th Ed. and Study Guide to accompany text. Additional materials, such as, handouts, answer keys, etc. will be made available on the web at All chemistry students have access to the chemistry computer lab in room 2717. Lectures: M- Th 8:30 am – 9:20 am, Room: 2926 The chapters we hope to cover are 8 – 17. The tentative schedule involves completing approximately one chapter every week (we may go faster or slower). Certain sections will be omitted. You are responsible for all material covered in the lecture including the assigned textbook chapters and are encouraged to read the material to be covered prior to the lecture, using the approximate schedule. Office Hours: M, T, Th F 9:30 – 10:20 in room 2821 W in room 2717 Office hours are times for you to receive individual assistance. Please take advantage of these opportunities. You do not need to come prepared with questions, but instead use the time to work on
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Chem&242Spring2011(1) - Organic Chemistry II...

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