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Chem& 243 Organic Chemistry III Summer 2011 Clarita Bhat Office: 2823 Welcome to your last quarter of Organic Chemistry!! You have made it!! For most of you, this will be your last chance to study pure chemistry. The effort you have put in this endeavor will definitely pay off, as you use the basics learned and the mental skills to take the next step. This should be the most rewarding time, as you now feel secure in your knowledge and look ahead to your chosen career. The menu this quarter will be a wonderful buffet of functional groups, exciting mechanisms (and more mechanisms), much review from previous quarters and a look at some natural products that will whet your appetite for Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry. One of the most challenging items on this quarter’s agenda will be the infamous ACS Exam that will show everyone how much you have learned! Now, for a few items of importance: 1. Prerequisite: 2.0 grade point in Chem& 242 and English 101. These requirements will be checked and enforced. Concurrent registration with Chem. 273 (Lab) is required or instructor permission to omit lab. 2. Text: Vollhardt & Shore; “Organic Chemistry” 5 th Ed.and Study Guide to accompany text. Additional Materials: Copies of my notes and extra practices, keys, etc. will be available on blackboard as we need them. 3. Class Format: Lectures will be MTWTh from 9:00 – 10:00 am in Room 2920. We will be using the notes I have prepared and do many exercises in class. Extra power Point slides will be available on blackboard for you to enhance your learning. Some sections will be omitted, but you are encouraged to look at all the material, as by now you have learned independence in your study of chemistry. At times I will show a few Power Point slides to highlight items we have not dealt with in depth. Please note that only the material covered in my notes will be on quizzes and exams. Challenging problems will be assigned for take-home quizzes and some group work. We will plan to study chapters 17 - 24; approximately one chapter/week. All schedules are tentative, as I like to model my teaching to suit the students’ needs and some chapters may require more work; others less. You will be tested on all chapters, except 24—a brief introduction to carbohydrates. Other biomolecules are covered in Cell Biology and later in Biochemistry.
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Chem.243S2011Syl (1) - Chem& 243 Organic Chemistry III...

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