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Chem272Lab_7GCMS(4)(1) (1) - Chem. 272 Experiment #7: The...

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Chem. 272 Experiment #7 : The Analysis of Antihistamine Drugs by GC-MS Required Reading: Vollhardt & Shore; “Organic Chemistry” 5th Ed., Section 11-6 Page 465-468 Mohrig, Hammond, Schatz Techniques in Organic Chemistry , 3 th edition. Technique 23, section 23.1 -23.5 , pages 406 - 422 I. Announcements Continue to work on your unknowns Need to sign up for a GC-MS time Simple sample prep and short run times. II. Questions to ask and to be answered: This is a “critical thinking” experiment. It involves an analysis of an over-the counter antihistamine drug and a search of the chemical literature to determine the structure of the significant antihistamine substance present in the drug. III. Instrument:
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A spectrum of methanol, is shown here. CH3OH +. (the molecular ion) and fragment ions appear in this spectrum. The x-axis of this bar graph is the increasing m/z ratio. The y-axis is the relative abundance of each ion, which is related to the number of times an ion of that m/z ratio strikes the detector. Assignment of relative abundance begins by assigning the most
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Chem272Lab_7GCMS(4)(1) (1) - Chem. 272 Experiment #7: The...

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