Chemistry 272S2011(1)(1)

Chemistry 272S2011(1)(1) - Organic Chemistry Lab II Chem....

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Organic Chemistry Lab II Chem. 272 Spring 2011 Linda Kuehnert, Office: 2821 Voice mail: (206) 546-4575 Dr. Astrid Perez, , Office: 2823 This is the second quarter of the yearlong Organic Chemistry sequence intended for science majors. This course is composed of two parts: Individual experiments correlating with some of the lecture material and analysis of two unknown compounds. Prerequisite: 2.0 grade point in Chem&241/271. If you do not have these prerequisites, you will be dropped from the class roster. Text: Mohrig, Hammond, Schatz Techniques in Organic Chemistry , 3 th edition. Required: A bound carbon-less copy notebook and safety goggles Lab Lectures: W 8:30 – 9:20 Room: 2926 Lab: F 12:30 – 4:20 or Room: 2710 Office Hours: Linda: M-F 9:30 – 10:20; Astrid Friday 11-12:30 Office hours are times for you to receive individual assistance. Please take advantage of these opportunities. You do not need to come prepared with questions, but instead use the time to work on problems or review material with me available to answer any questions. Each week two students will be asked to be the “Clean up Patrol”. This will involve checking that everyone has returned the equipment to the appropriate place; that balances are clean and turned off, benches have been cleaned and all reagents put away. There will be a small % of the grade awarded for this task including instructor evaluation. Special guidelines will be given to you regarding the reporting of the unknowns. Lab write-ups: The duplicate page of title, purpose, procedure, a complete list of all chemicals used (with structures and hazards), and data collected before and during the lab period in your lab notebook will be turned in as you leave the lab. Additional post lab calculations and questions, etc. is due one week after the completion of the experiment. Late reports will be graded down by 20% per day. All reports will be on in your lab notebooks in ink. Entries are made as you take down the data directly into the notebook. All pages must be dated and voided correctly. At the conclusion of each write-up, please sign your name and write in the date of completion, and draw a diagonal line through the empty part and void written on its. Grading:
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Chemistry 272S2011(1)(1) - Organic Chemistry Lab II Chem....

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