EXAM 3 Review Sp11 - BIOL 213 SPRING 2011 REVIEW FOR THE...

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BIOL 213 SPRING 2011 REVIEW FOR THE THIRD EXAM The final exam will cover the material covered roughly by chapters 40, 50, 53 and parts of 39 and 54 in the text. You will find the summaries of the topics given at the end of each chapter as well as the “Check-your understanding” and the Mastering Biology website a good study guide. The following is meant as a general guide for the exam, and should not be considered to be all-inclusive. Good luck, and safe studying! PLANT RESPONSES TO STIMULI Plant Responses to Light – what are examples of blue light receptors? What roles do they play? How does blue light cause the opening of stomates? What is the basic mechanism for phytochrome action? What responses is this pigment involved in? does molecular switching of phytochrome mediate the flowering response in these types of Gravitropism – what is believed to be the mechanism involved in gravitropism? What is thought to be the roles of statoliths and auxin in this process? Thigmomorphogenesis – what is it? How are action potentials linked to rapid leaf movements? The Hypersensitive Response – what is it? What organisims elicit it and what chemicals are produced by the plant? How does the HR relate to the Gene-For-Gene Hypothesis and what are the roles of R genes and avr genes in this response? Messengers of Defense
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EXAM 3 Review Sp11 - BIOL 213 SPRING 2011 REVIEW FOR THE...

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