AcidStrengths - .flw w.”...

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Unformatted text preview: .flw w...” H‘mwww_mnmmwmamwmw __._.._~.W.M...m‘.~ »»»» \u Strongesi acid Weakest acid HCI CSHSSQBH (GHQQOH (CH3)EC=OH CHgéHE H30+ HN03 CF3002H HF CH3COEH CHSCOCHECOCHS NHJ' CBH5OH H00; CHSNH; CH30H20H (CHQGCOH CHSCOCHB HCECH H2 10.2 10.6 15.7 16 18 19.2 25 35 38 44 CHBCHE‘ Strengee __,_.._........._....~...+.-....~ um.-.“- .......... .mVa_..._.~m_.......——wa.fi_.m~...m,_‘k A Sng Weakest base CFgcog” P. CH3002— H009;- CHECOCHCOCHQ NH3 Elihu; Iaeeq EMSEBJOLU t base Hydrogen iodide, HI (strongest acid) Hydrogen bromide, HBr Hydrogen chloride, HCl Sulfuric acid, H2304 Hydronium ion, 1-130+ Nitric acid, HNO3 Methanesulfonic acid, CH3SO3H Hydrogen fluoride, HF Acetic acid, CH3COOH Hydrogen cyanide, HCN Ammonium ion, NH,+ Methanethiol, CH3SH Methanol, CH3OH Water, H20 Ammonia, NH3 ' Methane, CH4 (weakest acid] Note: K, = [H30+][A']J[HA] mo] 1:1. “First dissociation equilibrium. ...
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AcidStrengths - .flw w.”...

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