Coca-Cola Timeline


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ADVERTISING AND SOCIETY TIMELINE, 1886-2010 Coca-Cola: the Icon for American Popular Culture and American Advertising 1900 1980 2000 2010 1880 PRESIDENT: John Adams William McKinley Woodrow Wilson Franklin D. Roosevelt Dwight D. Eisenhower Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton Barack Obama 1920 1940 1960 1936: The 50th anniversary is celebrated. 1953: The annual advertising budget surpasses $30 million. 1942: Sprite Boy is introduced, helping tell the public it is OK to use the term “Coke” when asking for Coca-Cola. 1950: Coke becomes the first ever product to appear on the cover of TIME Magazine. 1955: The first king-size and family-size bottles are introduced. 1970: The Dynamic Ribbon device – Coke ‘wave’ – is introduced to the public as a part of a new 70s look. 1941: The term “Coke” is used for the first time in magazine ads to help establish it as a trademark. 1996: The Coca-Cola Company sponsors Summer Olympic games in its hometown, Atlanta. 1984: The Coca-Cola Foundation, the philanthropic arm in the United States, is established. 2004: Coke illuminat es a new 3- dimensio nal, high tech display in New York City’s Time Square. 2006: “Make Every Drop Count” campaign is created to remind the public of the variety of beverages it offers. 2008: 80th year of continuous involvement with Olympic games. 1960: The
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