errors - ˆ y = 45 7 0 02414 x p 380 Table 12.6 and the...

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Errors in Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences, 4th edition My sincere thanks to anyone who points out errors they notice in this book. Errors/typos found so far: p. 25, Solution for Chapter 2 exercise 3k should be “ordinal” p. 31, on second line above Relative Frequency box, “To make is easier” should be “To make it easier” p. 54, The sentence introducing Figure 3.17 should have pointed out that that ±gure also includes the D.C. observation, which had been mentioned near the top of the page. p. 84, line 3: 650 should be 550. p. 133, problem 5.2: “seven subjects” should be “eight subjects” p. 186: In line 5 of the section “The Ratio of Parameters,” the phrase “and for mean” should be “and for men” p. 210, exercise 7.4b: The se value for Lithuania should be 0.0110 instead of 0.110. p. 290, problem 9.10(b): the slope should be positive, that is, the prediction equation is
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Unformatted text preview: ˆ y = 45 . 7 + 0 . 02414 x . p. 380: Table 12.6 and the following discussion refers to the corresponding data set in the 3rd edition of the book, and I forgot to update the results for the new data. The values should be 4.703 for the constant (i.e., mean for Republicans),-1.472 for Party 1 (i.e., di²erence between means for Democrats and Republicans), and-0.802 for Party 2 (i.e., di²erence between means for Independents and Republicans). p. 568: Solutions for Chapter 3 seem to be given out of order. In fact, the solution given for exercise (5) and the solutions given after that for the second listing of exercises (7) and 1 (9) actually refer to exercises 5, 7, 9 in the third edition of the text, not this fourth edition. p. 582. The solutions for Chapter 11, 1(a) should be 3.8 and 2.3. (e.g., the coeFcient multiplied by (800) should be 0.002, not 0.001.) 2...
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errors - ˆ y = 45 7 0 02414 x p 380 Table 12.6 and the...

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