chapter 11 extra questions

chapter 11 extra questions - BIO 240 SPRING 2009...

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BIO 240 – SPRING 2009 – EXAMINATION #3 TEST #_______ NERVOUS TISSUE, SPINAL CORD, AND BRAIN READ THESE DIRECTIONS 1. This test will be over and all papers must be turned at 10 minutes before the hour. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. 2. There are three things to do before starting the test: FIRST Write your name and test number at the top of the computer sheet. SECOND Fill in the bubbles for your name (last, first) on the back of the computer sheet. THIRD Write your name and test number on the front and back of the written answer sheet. 3. Read the ACADEMIC HONOR CODE below: The University of North Carolina is committed to the proposition that the pursuit of truth requires the presence of honesty among all involved. It is therefore this institution’s stated policy that no form of dishonesty among its faculty or students will be tolerated. Although all members of the university community are encouraged to report occurrences of dishonesty, each individual is principally responsible for his or her own honesty. 4. At the end of the test turn in your computer sheet and written answer sheet. You may keep the rest of the test. The key will be posted on my bulletin board after I have collected all of the tests. _________________________________________________________________________________ Each of the following questions or incomplete statements below is followed by suggested answers or completions. Select the one BEST answer in each case and fill in the appropriate circle on the computer sheet. (2 pts each) 1) Which of the following is not a function of the nervous system? A) sense the internal and external environments B) integrate sensory information C) coordinate voluntary and involuntary activities D) direct long-term functions, such as growth E) control peripheral effectors 2) Functions of astrocytes include all of the following, except A) maintaining the blood-brain barrier. B) conducting action potentials. C) guiding neuron development. D) responding to neural tissue damage. E) forming a three-dimensional framework for the CNS. 3) Which statement below regarding the functional organization of the nervous system is FALSE? A) The somatic nervous system controls the skeletal muscles. B) The part of the peripheral nervous system that carries sensory information to the CNS is designated efferent. C) The somatic nervous system is subdivided into the sympathetic and parasympathetic subdivisions. D) The autonomic nervous system controls cardiac muscle, smooth muscle and glands. E) Both B and C.
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4) Which statement regarding functions of neuroglial cells is TRUE? A) Ependymal cells carry out phagocytosis in the CNS. B) Satellite cells support neurons in the CNS. C)
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chapter 11 extra questions - BIO 240 SPRING 2009...

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