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Neurotransmitters_assignment (Second attempt)

Neurotransmitters_assignment (Second attempt) - Helps...

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Name Karen Thula Neurotransmitters Identify where each neurotransmitter is found and the effects it has in that area on the chart below. Neurotransmitter Where Found Effects Acetylcholine Synaptic Vesicles, Axon Terminals of the synapses, Diencephalon, Basal (forebrain) Stimulates muscle movement. It also has an inhibitory effect on your heart, to stop your heart from beating too fast. It also helps you remember things. Regulates REM. Helps you learn new things and helps with memory. Norepinephrine Sympathetic nervous system, adrenal medulla, adrenal glands, It stimulates the intake if carbohydrates. It controls alertness and wakefulness.
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Unformatted text preview: Helps control stress and sleep patterns. Dopamine Substantia Nigra, pituitary gland, Arcuate nucleus, hypothalamus. It produces excitatory and inhibitory effects. It affects our learning, attention, movement and reinforcement. It also controls our ability to feel pleasure. Serotonin Central nervous system. Small intestine, Gastrointestinal tract, Platelets, Cerebellum cortex. It regulates our sleep, moods and impulsivity. It also controls aggression and appetite. GABA Central nervous system, Cerebellum, Retina, Spinal Cord, Kidney, It controls anxiety. Too much is believed to cause epilepsy. Muscle relaxer,...
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