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Hello professor and class, Nascar is the most popular type of stock car racing in the United States. Nascar history can trace its roots back to 1794. That's a century before the invention of the automobile, but it was the year of the whiskey rebellion. This was a protest of a federal tax on whiskey by frontier farmers. Instead of being subject to the tax, many frontiersmen built secret stills, and delivered their product in secret. The common term for moonshine runners was bootleggers. Bootleggers were men who illegally ran whiskey from hidden stills to hundreds of markets across the Southeast. Driving at high speeds at nighttime was dangerous. The penalty for losing the race was jail or loss of life. Most people do not know that this is the true origin of nascar history. My favorite driver is Tony
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Unformatted text preview: Stewart. He races in car number 14 and has won numerous races with his crew. Having a successful track record in nascar doesn’t solely rely on the car, but has much to do with the crew. Tony Stewart has won his first cup in 2002. He has won a lot of races over the years on different tracks. Tony doesn’t take all of the credit for his victories. Pit crews play an essential role in nascar. While the individual driver’s skills are put to the test each race, the crew helps speed up the process during the pit stops when the car is put together. Each member is responsible for a different part of the car during a pit stop. When each member completes their role, the car is ready to take off on the track again. Sources: www.tonystewart.com www.earlyamerica.com...
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