AC114;Accounting assignment 1 Brenda Russell

AC114;Accounting assignment 1 Brenda Russell - family...

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Networking 1 Brenda Russell AC114; Accounting Professor Hong Zhao June 10, 2011
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Networking 2 Networking The most networking that I have been doing lately is my job searches. I go to to find employment. I have learned that networking is about building relationships and is considered the most effective way to tap the hidden job market. I have also used Linkedin it’s a social networking service for adults. It's a very useful tool for quickly informing people about your professional experiences, skills and interests. You also can use Linkedin to conveniently network with others who have similar backgrounds and interests. It’s something similar to facebook which tends to be about more informal topics, such as personal background, interests,
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Unformatted text preview: family, hobbies, and friends. When im not looking for work then i’m usually on facebook when my homework is done of course. Facebook is a network that shares information about themselves or their organization. Information about themselves tends to be rather informal. Organizations increasingly use Facebook as a public relations tool, to inform the public about the organization, but I use it to chat with friends and play fronterville. My previous network tactics haven’t changed. I’m confortable with them. I did like the video it explained a lot about what networking is about. And I think it will help me with my networking in the future....
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AC114;Accounting assignment 1 Brenda Russell - family...

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