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Hello class and professor, 1) Find at an advertisement for an accounting job. Accounting Manager – Des moines, Iowa 2) Find an advertisement for a non-accounting job that requires accounting skills or basic knowledge. Administrative Management – Des Moines, Iowa 3) Describe how accounting is used in each position, the accounting background needed and the overall job duties. Accounting Manager are responsible for directing the creation of financial statements, forecasts, and budgets as well as performing financial analysis, annual audit, reviewing internal controls and managing processes within the Company.
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Unformatted text preview: Administrative Management are responsible for administer site safety program, workers' compensation and risk management programs. Participate in unemployment hearings and are capable to do scheduling and billing. 4) Which one would you apply for and why? I would apply for the Administrative Manager job because I would have the skills to do this when i finish my business degree. This is why enrolled in business so I could find something in administration....
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