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Hello professor and class, Wave power is renewable energy which is environmentally friendly. Unlike most of renewable energy resources, wave energy can produce power all the year. The wave energy is stored in the ocean worldwide and highly concentrated near the ocean surface. It can be captured by wave power devices. Wave power is considered as a competitive energy resource in future. Waves are generated by wind blows across the surface of sea. Wave energy is one kind of mechanical energy which will be used for electricity generation. Wave power can’t be used directly to generate electricity, at first the wave energy is converted into the other form of useful
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Unformatted text preview: mechanical energy and then converted into electricity. Wave power has a high potential to be captured and used for generating electricity in future as the technology develops further. There is a lot of energy stored in waves. 94% energy of the ocean stored in the wave, and the other 6% is tidal energy. Only small a part of the wave power is used for commercial electricity generation today. Reference: D. Halamay, T.K.A. Brekken, A. Simmons, and S. McArthur, “Reserve requirement impacts of large-scale integration of wind, solar, and ocean wave power generation,”...
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