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Unit 4 Russell - Making it by faking it 1 Executives Making...

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Making it by faking it 1 Executives: Making it by Faking it Making it by faking it Brenda Russell Kaplan University MT203:Human Resource Management Instructor Hal Kingsley January 30, 2011
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Making it by faking it 2 Making by faking it When any organization start to visualize their business, their first priority is to her competent work force means right person on the right job after that this man power decide about other tangible and intangible resources, where to get? How to get? How to manage efficiently? The job of an HR manager is one of the most important in any organization, regardless of the industry. If you are planning to face an interview for the post of an HR manager, you need to be well aware of what kind of job interview questions and answers might be thrown to you. Going through some sample HR manager interview questions would be the best idea to be prepared for the interview. The job responsibilities of an HR manager mainly relate to handling the human resource department of the company. The processes he has to oversee are normally related to recruitment
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