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Le Travel Store 1 Brenda Russell AB;209 Small Business Instructor Terra BJorling July 4, 2011
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Le Travel Store 2 1) Review the five key factors in selecting a good business location. Which of those factors guided the Kellers’ choice for the site of the original Le Travel Store? Explain I believe what guided them was the neighborhood. They found one that was energetic and always busy with people. They found that the location had potential customers and it would be vital to the company's success, the site makes it most convenient to target customers. Entrepreneurs who choose their locations wisely-with their customers' preferences and their companies' needs in mind can establish an important competitive edge over rivals who choose their locations haphazardly 2) Which factors or combination of factors were the Kellers’ most excited about in their newest location?
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Unformatted text preview: Describe how each of the Kellers’ locations reflects the evolution of their business plan. They were excited about their new location because they were purchasing the property. The spend millions of dollars on leases, which they could of saved that money if they owned their own building. And they thought the timing would be perfect in that neighborhood a lot of people would see them for the first time. They say first impression is everything for the business to be successful. The Kellers think the design of the store is very important for the business. They want it to look good so that when the tourist walk through, they want it to be a good experience for them. Le Travel Store 3 References Spaeder, Karen “How to find the best location,” Entrepreneur.com, accessed June 5, 2007, Retrieved July 3, 2011 From www.letravelstore.com...
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CS2_Brenda_Russell - Describe how each of the Kellers’...

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