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small business unit 2 dq - employees and might affect...

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Hello professor and class, Advantages of a family business; When family members enter a business agreement they already posse a strong commitment to you and to the company. Because of this, they will work longer hours such as evenings or weekends when necessary. Disadvantages of a family business; Family members may take advantage of their status, by not doing a good job or they don’t even show up. Also personal family problems or disagreements might be brought to the workplace. This may make it uncomfortable for other
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Unformatted text preview: employees and might affect productivity. What actions did the Graeter family take to develop a effective and trusting management team? The cousins sought professional help in communicating skills and ways to make the company to run smoothly. I believe since they were family it was easier to trust one another which made it easy to make decisions about running the company and setting goals so the company would be successful....
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