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Toyota The Right Way Forward Toyota is turning challenges into business opportunities by accelerating the pace of its innovation to achieve new growth. Toyota is dedicated to excellence in manufacturing in order to provide high-quality at affordable prices based on our commitment to the Customer First and genchi genbutsu (on- site, hands-on experience) philosophies. Toyota will continue to focus on the challenge of making even better cars that are appealing to customers around the world Today, the automobile industry is facing its toughest challenges ever. But as an industry that affects society on a global scale, Toyota has an exceptionally important role to play. Toyota first responsibility, of course, is to provide customers around the world with the attractive and appealing cars they truly want. To help us fulfill that responsibility while protecting the global environment, Toyota has greatly accelerated development of hybrid vehicles and other environmentally friendly technologies. Toyota
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Unformatted text preview: is rooted in local communities worldwide, and will continue to do utmost to contribute to society, economic growth, and environmental protection in the countries in which operate. To that end, Toyota trying to provide jobs and develop human resources through education and training programs, and have returned to the genchi genbutsu (on-site, hands-on experience) roots of Toyota’s monozukuri philosophy—an all-encompassing approach to manufacturing that results in added value for all stakeholders. Since Toyota’s founding, always made it pledge to “make better cars and contribute to society.” To fulfill this pledge, Toyota put the customer first, practiced genchi genbutsu (on-site, hands-on experience), and dedicated to providing high-quality vehicles at an affordable price. Toyota believe it is these fundamental elements of Toyota’s DNA, passed down over seven decades since our founding, that will enable to overcome the challenges currently face....
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