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Hello professor and class, I’m unemployed I got laid off two years ago and still haven’t found work, which is why I went back to school to get my associates degree in business. 1. The association you joined or the type of event that you chose as an alternative The event I chose was job seekers online out of Saint Louis, Mo 2. Information about the event that you attended. * Something that shows when and where the event took place. Online recruitment service provides a marketplace for candidates to market their skills and for employers to market their job vacancies. Within a few clicks of my mouse I was able to search through jobs and get some information on employment. This site is very easy to navigate The event was
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Unformatted text preview: very interesting it had a variety of different jobs. We discussed some job opportunities in management and I didnt have to leave the house. The job fair was December 2, 2010. It took place in St. Louis Mo at Employmentguide.com 3. Information about who you met by providing one of the following for each person you made contact with A written paragraph about the people whom you met. The recruitment process was exciting. The recruiters I met were very professional. They were very up to speed about corporate policies and procedures. They were responsive and were knowledgeable about their clients, industry, and the role. They had a deep understanding of how to measure talent and ask outstanding questions....
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