legalization of marijuana - Hello class and professor...

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Hello class and professor, Marijuana has many positive and negative effects. Marijuana used as a medicine, can help control glaucoma, to suppress the nausea induced by anti-cancer drugs, to relieve the pain of multiple sclerosis, and to stimulate the appetites of those with AIDS, Marijuana is increasingly available, potent, and cheap. Today, it is mostly used is as a narcotic. Legalizing marijuana is a hot topic. From an economic standpoint, there would be numerous benefits to legalizing marijuana. A new industry could emerge that would allow people to buy and sell marijuana without being incarcerated. A marijuana distributing business could be created with a small amount of capital thanks to the Internet. Marijuana could be shipped out to customers. This would create desperately needed jobs across the country. It would also help increase our gross domestic product, since more goods would be created, grown and sold. Individuals participating in the legal marijuana industry would finally have a steady and more importantly, legal stream of
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legalization of marijuana - Hello class and professor...

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