Today - Today's world is a far cry from the one our...

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Today’s world is a far cry from the one our grandparents grew up in. There are events that have happened in our world that would never have been thought of in their time. The concept is essentially that things have changed drastically in the last 40 years, and that many of these changes have been for the worse. Today’s schools need to providalike. In order to provide this environment perspective and current employees of a school district may need to pass a background check. Schools typically perform the bare minimum, one-time criminal history checks and fingerprint the teachers and school employees as mandated by state law. Red flags in the employment history of new applicants often go undiscovered, and crimes committed by school staff during the term of their employment can easily go undetected. Actions by the staff whether they are theft, embezzlement or other crimes of sexual nature, and is it necessary to further mention all the amount of sexual harassment that goes on within the institutions of education which happens to be more prevalent than assaults? Analysis of previous research shows that offenses such as sexual touching and grabbing and forced sex probably are endured by 1 in 15 students some time in their school careers. (Toppo 2004). Those who suspect sexual abuse but don't report it can be prosecuted. All of which could be found to be the fault of the school district if they failed to conduct an adequate background check of an employee and an incident were to happen. .. e a safe environment for students and staffSelection Tools A supermarket offers many different job positions so the selection tools for a hiring program would be efficient enough to cover all departments within a supermarket. Just like any job the first step to applying for a position would be filling out an application, this is an important part of a hiring program but not necessarily a selection tool. A background check is a wise choice for any employer to check for a criminal record, a drug screening should be used in conjunction with a background check. An honesty and integrity test is another tool that can be used to protect the employer from potential theft and the honesty of a potential employee. Checking references is a tool that can help the employer and employee, the integrity of a new hire could depend on the comments made by a reference. I think a background check, drug screening, and checking referen A background check is important to help weed out any potential problems with theft and /or drug related issues. I believe this works hand and hand with drug testing, even if a person does not have a criminal record he or she could have a drug problem. An employee with a drug or alcohol problem would probably not have good work ethics. Working in a supermarket there is money being exchanged and products that could be stolen so it is
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Today - Today's world is a far cry from the one our...

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