External Mass Storage Letter Week 8

External Mass Storage Letter Week 8 - With the advancements...

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To The Management Board XYZ Company Our organization wants to utilize the use of external mass storage, for example external hard drives, rather than DVD-ROM dual layer drives, since they offer faster storage solutions than DVD-ROM dual layer drives. On a computer, an external hard drive is a hard drive that is outside of the computer and in a case all its own. Each computer requires one or more hard drives to save its operating system, programs, and files made with such items. These drives are normally installed inside of the computer; however, an external hard drive has become needed to expand the storage of the office. The DVD-ROM dual layer drives will not accommodate the large files our organization is using, and so the use of external storage is needed. When trying to store large amounts of data to a DVD-ROM drive, it can take many hours and DVD disk to accomplish the task. With external storage in use, the task of storing or archiving data can take minutes.
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Unformatted text preview: With the advancements of technology, external storage has become essential since there are potential security risks to our computer systems such as viruses, because of Internet accessibility even when using anti-virus software and having firewalls in place. Besides all of this, accidental corruption of documents and the extra space needed for multimedia, these issues can be eliminated with the use of external mass storage. The new type of external mass storage that emerging every day, for example the new Solis State Drives, have the options for securing the data, and with no moving parts, the drives have a smaller failure rate. So in closing, I would recommend upgrading the computers in our organization with external hard drives for the storage of sanative company data and backups or archives from those computers. This will keep the future cost of our organization down and keep the employee’s productive. David Story IT Director...
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External Mass Storage Letter Week 8 - With the advancements...

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