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Installing a DVD drive into the computer

Installing a DVD drive into the computer - Place the new...

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Installing a DVD drive into the computer Remember before starting this process makes sure that you turn off the computer, but keep the power cord plugged in, and make sure the new DVD drive is compatible with your system. Remember to wear a grounding kit to prevent any static discharge that could damage your computer. Shut down the computer and remove any cables going to the computer case (That includes speaker, video, and all USB cables). Turn the internal power off by flipping the switch on the back of the power supply to the off position but leave the power cord plugged in. Open up the computer case by removing the screws holding the side panel in place. With the computer case open, continue to locate the DVD drive and disconnect the power cord and data cable from it. Remove the DVD drive by removing the screws, or removing the plastic holders that fasten the drive in place. Now the DVD drive can be removed from the case. Be careful not to unplug any other devices when removing the drive.
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Unformatted text preview: Place the new DVD drive into place, and continue to screw or click the plastic holders into the drive to hold it in place. If the CD/DVD drive is going to be installed on an existing IDE cable the drive needs to be set to the Slave mode, or Master mode if the drive is on its own IDE channel. If the drive is SATA, you will not have to worry about setting any jumpers. Take the IDE or SATA cable and connect it to the DVD drive. Then connect the power cord back into the DVD drive. Close the computer case and fasten the screws holding the side panel in place. Now connect the cables back into the computer case. Turn the computer system on and watch the boot screen to see if the drive has been recognized. If the DVD drive is not recognized, shut down the computer and start back at step one to ensure that all the steps have been followed correctly. If you see that the boot screen shows the new drive, then continue to start up your operating system and enjoy....
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