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Replacing the Central Processing Unit

Replacing the Central Processing Unit - Replacing the...

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Replacing the Central Processing Unit (CPU) Remove the power connector from the motherboard so no power can get to the CPU, but leave the power supply cord connected to the computer system to ensure proper grounding. By doing this, a static buildup will be minimal to none. Open up the computer case, and located your CPU. Wearing a anti-static wrist band to proper ground yourself, so no damage is done to the CPU. Continue to unhook the Heat sink clips from the motherboard, and unplug the power from the fan on the motherboard. Depending on which CPU brand you own will depend how the Heat sink removes. The Heat sink will have a layer of thermal compound holding the Heat sink to the CPU. Turn the Heat sink left or right slowly to start to pull the paste apart. Now with the Heat sink removed, lift up the metal bar or securing clamp to release the CPU from the motherboard. Before installing the new CPU, check to make sure none of the pins are bent. On the new CPU, there is a mark on the bottom that needs to line up with the mark on
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