Replacing the Computer Hard Drive

Replacing the Computer Hard Drive - remove the SATA or IDE...

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Replacing the Computer Hard Drive Before starting this process, make sure that the new hard drive is compatible with your system. Make sure to back up all the information from the drive to a DVD disc, flash drive, or external hard drive . S tatic discharge is one of the few things that can do damage or destroy the computer, so remember to wear a grounding kit to prevent any static to come in contact with the computer. Shut down the computer and remove any cables going to the computer case, but keep the power cord plugged into the power supply. Proceed to open the computer case and remove the side that gives access to the components of the computer. On most computers there is two to three screws on the side of the case that have to be removed, which once removed the side of the case will come off. With the computer case open, locate the hard drive that needs to be replaced. Now
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Unformatted text preview: remove the SATA or IDE cable from the hard drive, as well as the power cable. Remove the hard drive by either removing the screws, or unclicking the plastic holders. Now the hard drive can be removed from the case. Place the new hard drive into place, and screw or install plastic holders into place. Now hook up the SATA or IDE cable to the hard drive. Now connect the power cord into the hard drive. Close the computer case, and connect all the cables back up. Turn the computer on and enter the CMOS/ BIOS to ensure the hard drive has been recognized properly. Now install the new operating system or use a hard drive imaging program, if one was used, to copy the old hard drive image to the new drive. Install all previous programs needed. Now you have installed the new drive....
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