Replacing the Computer Memory

Replacing the Computer Memory - Replacing the Computer...

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Replacing the Computer Memory Remove the power connector from the motherboard so no power can get to the memory, but leave the power supply cord connected to the computer system to ensure proper grounding. By doing this, a static buildup will be minimal to none. Make sure to wear an anti-static wrist band, for this will ensure no static comes on contact with the memory or other components of the computer. Continue to open up the company case, and locate where the Memory/Ram sticks get installed. Depending on the motherboard will determine how many memory slots are available. Once the ram slots have been located, continue to install the new memory sticks. Make sure the correct ram type and speed have been selected. Depending on the motherboard will vary the memory type from DDR or DDR2 or DDR3, and the speed time. And depending on what operating system is installed will show how much memory will be recognized. If the OS is 64 bit then 8 gigs of ram will be recognized, if it is a 32 bit system only 4 gigs of ram will be
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