Replacing the Computers Power Supply

Replacing the Computers Power Supply - supply, then take...

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Replacing the Computers Power Supply    Make sure to remove the power cords from the wall outlet before beginning this process. Then proceed to remove any cords from the back of the computer. Open up the computer case and remove any cords from the power supply leading into the computer case. Remember that any device in the computer case receives power from the Power supply. Examples of primary Cables that need to be unplugged are cords to the Motherboard, Video Card, Hard Drive, CD-Drive/ DVD Drive, and Added computer fans. Now that you have made sure that all cables from the Power supply have been removed, it is time to remove the power supply from the case. Located in the back of the computer case are four screws that hold the power supply into position. Remove the screws holding the power
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Unformatted text preview: supply, then take out the power supply. With the power supply removed from the case it is time to install the new power supply. With the new power supply properly in place, continue to place the screws back in into the power supply. With the new power supply in place continue to reconnect all the devices in the computer case back up. Main components that need to be reconnected are power the too Motherboard, and Hard drive. If needed reconnect any added Video / Sound cards, DVD/CD Drives, any extra case fans, and any other devices added to your computer. Now the computer has been correctly hooked up, continue to plug the power cord into the wall outlet and turn on your computer. You should have successfully replaced your computer power supply, and everything is working....
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