Appendix C - 14 Agnosticism A believer that there is no...

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Axia College Material Appendix C HUM 130 Week 1 Vocabulary Quiz Define these terms in your own words. 1. Immanent A form of internal religion with no effect outside of it. 2. Religion A set of beliefs that one might have. Whether it be Christian, Catholic, or Buddhist. 3. Theistic The belief in only one god as a creator of the universe. 4. Monotheistic A belief or doctrine that there is only one god and no others exist 5. Profane Not devoted to a religious or holy purpose. 6. Polytheistic Belief in more than one God or many gods. 7. Monistic Believes that there has to be an explanation rather than faith. 8. Dogma A set standard or rules of a church which one thinks is true. 9. Nontheistic Believes in a god or gods. 10. Transcendent Passing ordinary limits or feeling superior. 11. Incarnations A person who is embodying a spirit or a spirit that has taken human form. 12. Kensho Seeing ones true self or enlightened. 13. Atheism No belief in a god or gods.
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Agnosticism A believer that there is no proof that God existed or does not believe God exists. 15. Rituals Holiday celebrations, graduations, church functions 16. Symbols Objects, Pictures, sound 17. Myths Legends or folklore. 18. Orthodox "Having the right opinion" or adhering to written words. HUM 130 19. Routinization of charisma A form of persuasion 20. Absolutists Someone who only believes in absolute right or wrong 21. Charisma Personality or charm 22. Fundamentalism Intolerant of other views and opposition 23. Phenomenology A way of inquiry of human beliefs 24. Liberal Freedom of actions and ready for change 25. Mysticism Beliefs in mystical spirits 26. Heretic A believer of faith but does not live or stand by the laws of the church 27. Sacred Devotion and dedication to some form of religion 28. Soul A spirit that we have inside of us separate from the physical body. HUM 130...
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Appendix C - 14 Agnosticism A believer that there is no...

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