Appendix D - Axia College Material Appendix D Indigenous...

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Appendix D Indigenous Culture Web Site Review Template Question Response Web site 1 URL: Name of Indigenous culture/religion presented in Web site Embara and Waounan people Consider the examples of roles and observances held sacred by these people. Is this practice being kept alive? The indigenous people of this region are trying to keep their beliefs or religion alive, even though there has been numerous outside influences from different religious groups. Has the culture/religion evolved over time? Yes, they have evolved over time with taking on some of the traditions of today's Christian religious groups being the primary influence. If the culture/religion still lives, how has Western culture changed it? Western culture has tried to bury the indigenous people's beliefs and civilize them. For example, by removing all traces of their culture and their practices. Who authored this site? Do you think the content of the site is authentic? © 2004, Native Planet, A Non-Profit Organization Name one interesting fact you learned from this Web site. That the Christians have had influenced the indigenous people to believe what they believe in and take away what they hold sacred. HUM 130
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Appendix D - Axia College Material Appendix D Indigenous...

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