Both Jesus and Muhammad were born in different times

Both Jesus and Muhammad were born in different times - Both...

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Both Jesus and Muhammad were born in different times. While Jesus founded Christianity, Muhammad was the founder of Islam. Muhammad's life is well documented (521-632Ad) the lives of Jesus 4BC -31AD) is shrouded in mystery. Muhammad wrote the Quran which contained his teachings. Jesus on the other hand did not leave any concrete writings all his teachings were done orally and was later written down as a New Testament by his follower the main sources of information regarding Jesus' life and teachings are the four canonical Gospels of the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Jesus and Mohammad Paper Tracing the lives of Jesus and Muhammad: Jesus Christ was born of Mary and Joseph of Nazareth. Although Mary was a virgin, Angel Gabriel told her, God's power would make the conception possible. Mary became pregnant with Jesus and then later Mary and Joseph was married. This was known as Immaculate Conception. Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem for the census. There was no room, Mary and Joseph stayed in a manger at an inn in Bethlehem. Jesus which means "God saves' was born in the manger of the inn. Some shepherds came to visit as they heard that the savior has been born. Three wise men from East called Magi came to visit Jesus since they had dreamed that Jesus the savior was born. They brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Jesus grew up in Nazareth When Jesus was 12 his parents found him talking knowledgeably about the Torah with the rabbis. Jesus was a carpenter. He was 30 years old before he asked John the Baptist to baptize him. It was his way of dedicating himself to God and he started preaching about God from then onwards. Jesus performed many miracles. He healed the sick, resurrected the dead, walked on water. Jesus also known as Son of God had many followers. During his teachings Jesus went to Galillee.Since Galilees rule Herod Altipas did not like Jesus to preach, Jesus stayed outside Galilee to preach. During the last Supper, one of his disciples,
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Both Jesus and Muhammad were born in different times - Both...

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