Fall2010-LSB 3213-Lucas

Fall2010-LSB 3213-Lucas - LSB 3213-Legal Regulatory...

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Fall 2010 Spears School of Business Oklahoma State University Instructor: Dr. Laurie Lucas, Assistant Professor of Legal Studies Contact Information: Office: 206 Business Building Email: [email protected] Phone: 405.744.1692 Office Hours: By appointment—contact me via email to schedule an on-campus time. An online live chat room one hour per week also will be scheduled (see below). Course Site: Desire2Learn (Online Classroom): http://oc.okstate.edu Administrative Contact : CEPD Distance Learning Office, 108 Gundersen, [email protected] or call 866.678.3933 or 405.744.4048 Overview of the Course This course exposes the students to the general concepts regarding the nature of the legal system, ethical issues in business decision making, dispute resolution processes, basic constitutional limitations on the power of government to regulate business activity, the nature of government regulation, and fundamental principles of tort and contract law. Course Prerequisites Course Goals The primary goal in the course is to help students understand how the law affects them in their various roles as citizens, consumers, and employees or managers. This understanding should provide students with the analytical tools they need to better understand how law and regulations in a society affect the business environment. Course Objectives Upon completion of the course, students are expected to be able to do the following: explain the function of law in a society discuss how the law emerges in U.S. society by analyzing the primary sources of U.S. law and how they function in society compare and contrast litigation and different forms of alternative dispute resolution in the context of the business environment compare and contrast tort theories and the significance of tort law in different contexts including products liability define, discuss and analyze the use of contracts in the business environment 1
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Texts and Supplementary Materials Required text Clarkson, et al., Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business , Oklahoma State University. This is a customized version of the text and is the same text used on campus. Chapter 23 was omitted from this customized text. This chapter is posted on Desire2Learn (D2L) in the content area. Optional for extra credit Lewis, Sinclair, Babbitt , New York: Bantam Classic (1998) (originally published in 1922). Other materials On D2L, you also will find the following study aides: power points for each unit of material reading objectives for each unit of material designed to help narrow down the reading assignments course handouts that are used to help clarify the materials and discussed in lectures
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Fall2010-LSB 3213-Lucas - LSB 3213-Legal Regulatory...

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